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Гомогенизаторы LambdaVita
  • Гомогенизаторы LambdaVita

Гомогенизаторы LambdaVita

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Гомогенизаторы LambdaVita от производителя на экспорт.
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The design of the homogenizer determines the quality of your dispersions.

Only with optimum utilization of the shear energy can the required particle/droplet sizes and size distributions be achieved. In addition to economy, - efficiency is paramount when selecting a homogenizer. And of course, - a universal application for your various products must be possible.

Our particular focus is on the development of an optimal tooth geometry, - on the dispersion toothing, as well as on the design of the entire homogenizing - system, in order to produce both the highest shear rates / shear - energies and thus to ensure the finest droplets / particles. In addition, all - homogenizers of the LambdaVita® series are CIP - capable.

The homogenizers ensure high flow rates, especially in the upper vacuum - range. With the NETZSCH Vakumix homogenizer we meet all the demands - of the market.

A variety of options and versions - makes the following possible for - you:

  • Homogenization
  • Dispersing
  • Suction of different phases directly into the area of the - homogenizer (e. g. hot - cold)
  • Dilution of ether sulfate in a continuous process
  • Induction of powders
  • Dosed feeding of liquid phases at the same time
  • and much more
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