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Гомогенизаторы LambdaVita

Гомогенизатор ULTRA-Shear-TWIN LambdaVita Тип UST
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Гомогенизатор ULTRA - Shear - TWIN LambdaVita Тип UST от производителя на экспорт. Общее описание: The NETZSCH Vakumix LambdaVita ULTRA Shear Twin homogenizer is one of the high - tech machines manufactured by NETZSCH Vakumix and represents a homogenizer with peripheral speeds exceeding 80...
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Система In-Pipe LambdaVita Тип MPH
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Система In - Pipe LambdaVita Тип MPH от производителя на экспорт. Общее описание: Continuous homogenizing system for low to medium viscosity products based on rotor/stator technology. The modular system typically consists of a central product line for the main stream, as well as " - X" -...
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